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The Importance of Dessert

I could rant endless on the importance of dessert following a meal. In fact I think I could write an entire book, or a weekly column about it, that’s how intense my feelings are. I simply feel that unless I have had some sugar then the meal just isn’t over. Sometime I have that strange feeling that something is missing after I eat my entrée. It’s like when you leave for a big trip or move, and you have the sinking feeling that you forgot something important. That’s how I feel when I haven’t had my dessert.

So if you are having a get together, don’t skip out on dessert, for the sake of all sugar loving people. My friend recently called inviting me to a dinner party, and I insisted I bring dessert. He commented that dessert wasn’t really necessary because all of our friends were trying to watch their weights this summer. I said “Nay, I will bring dessert, trust me you’ll want it when the dinner is over.” My friend trusted me and by the end of his dinner party; everyone was asking what was for dessert.

Dessert doesn’t have to be an endless chocolate fountain or deep fried cookie dough. Just a little something sweet is it all takes to finish a meal. Even berries with fresh cream makes a great treat. It doesn’t have to be calorie ridden and stuffed with caramel to satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth.

So dessert makers, dinner parties are your chance to experiment with new recipes and flavor combinations. Go ahead and make the glazed lemon pound cake you ripped out of Martha Stewart Living magazine a couple of years ago. And dessert eaters, this is your chance to splurge and have a taste of dessert without having the pan of brownies at your house to tempt you the rest of your week. And my family always said if you’re sharing, there are no calories, so keep that in mind and indulge guilt free.

Dessert can be incredible simple so don’t be overwhelmed if you don’t consider yourself a great baker and you are assigned the task of bringing a cake. Bringing some chocolate or a store bought angle food cake is plenty! Just throw some fruit on the angel food cake or arrange the chocolates on a pretty plate and you’re good to go.

Serving coffee or tea is also a great way to end the meal on a sweet note. Nibbling on sweets and drinking a hot beverage at the end of a meal is a great way to relax and slow down. Feel free to move into another part of your house, or outside. A change of scenery can definitely add to the relaxed atmosphere of dessert.

So next time you are thinking of skipping dessert, think again! Do it for the sake of dessert lovers everywhere, and remember it is the perfect ending to a meal. Whip up your grandmother’s favorite pineapple upside cake, and indulge while sharing with others!

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