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Summer fever

Right now I have full blown summer fever. I am obsessed with the new found glorious weather and want to be outside during all times of the day. I have this subconscious desire to just pitch a tent and live outside the rest of summer, so I can really appreciate every second of it, but don’t worry I won’t go that far.

My summer fever has also manifested itself in another ways. For example, I am obsessed with fresh flowers. I have been gardening like a fiend, planting as much as possible while the summer is still early. The flowers in the park near my house are so beautiful and I aspire to have a similar collection.

Nothing puts me in a good mood like looking at fresh beautiful flowers, and I’m sure many of you feasters feel the same! That’s why the rest of this blog post will be dedicated to centerpiece and floral arrangement ideas. Looking at these photos inspired me to continue the hard work in the garden because the centerpiece results were so stunning. Hope they do the same for you!

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