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Conversation Starters


Usually by Wednesday I am already outlining my weekend plans. It helps me get over “hump day” if I have a weekend full of fun things to look forward to. Imaging the food I’m going to enjoying, the people I will be meeting, and the hip clothes I’m going to be wearing to each event, gives me the extra push to get through the rest of the week. Half the fun is in anticipation anyways! That’s why this Wednesday the people of Feastly are giving you 5 great conversation starting questions. Thinking about using these ice breakers will get you pumped for this weekend events (which hopefully includes a Feastly meal).


1)   What actor/ actress would play you in a movie?

2)   What’s the best birthday cake you’ve ever had?

3)   Where would you be happiest to live?

4)   When you can’t sleep what do you do?

5)   What is your personal theme song?

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