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Dinner party music: from R. Kelly to Al Green

I have one song that is my complete guilty pleasure: Ignition Remix by R. Kelly. If you come over when I am cooking, you can pretty much guarantee that I am listening to this song; rocking out around my kitchen. However, as soon as guests come over I am certain to turn it off. Listening to a song about girl’s butts and partying all night can be pretty unappetizing. If I had kept my R. Kelly CD on all night I’m pretty sure all of my guests would have made a mental reminder to never return to my house.

Looks like someone is loving the dinner party playlist- get it girlfriend!

I’m sure we’ve all been to a dinner party where the music choice was all wrong. From sappy love songs to graphic rap, all in one jumbled playlist. Great music can lead to interesting conversation starters while a bad playlist can be incredibly distracting to the diners.

When choosing a playlist it is most important that the songs flow into one another well. Listening to Baby Got Back by Sir-Mix-A-Lot and then immediately switching to the Dixie Chicks would probably make your guests nauseous. For this reason it is a great idea to listen to greatest hits CDs or movie soundtracks. Both of these types of CDs generally flow well into each other and are great for a varied audience.

Usually you can tailor your playlists to the age group attending, but when hosting a Feastly meal this is not the case. So chose another time to bust out your greatest hits of the 80s, maybe at your Brat Pack movie club.

It can also be a good idea to have a soundtrack to match your cuisine. Nothing puts me in the mood for shrimp and grits like Louisiana jazz. And whenever I make Latin American food I put on the Buena Vista Social Club soundtrack, which doubles the enjoyment I get out of my plantain chips.

I think these R&B slow jams would go perfectly with my BBQ ribs

I think these R&B slow jams would go perfectly with my BBQ ribs

At Feastly we had the bright idea of matching a meal to smooth R&B jams. Each course would perfectly correspond to an R&B song, so that the song and the food would mesh into one beautiful experience. If anyone has any ideas for the menu, or is interested in hosting this soulful meal, please let us know!

Below we have listed some suggested soundtracks and CDs. We recommend you consult it your next get together, because God knows its time to retire that Hall and Oats CD. Please contribute to this list and let us know what tunes you listen to when enjoying a meal!



Jimmy Cliff in The Harder They Come


Fantastic Mr. Fox

Big Night

Do The Right Thing


Greatest Hits

Dave Brubeck’s

The Essential Cyndi Lauper

Miles Davis

Eric Clapton

Al Green

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