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On April 29, 2012 the Blind Dog Café welcomed 30 very lucky feasters into its cozy interior to enjoy an epic celebration of ramen. Out of over 350 responses, I was one of the lucky 30 with the reflexes quick enough to RSVP immediately after seeing the picture advertising this pop up dinner from TokiUnderground and OhFish.

Dozens of tables and chairs were nestled into the comfy space of Blind Dog Café and candles glowed softly over an impressive menu. People were seated as they arrived, and I sat down the rest of my table was already scooping up generous spoonfuls of ramen. This arrangement was perfect as deciding between the delicious course opinion was nearly impossible. When one of the bakers at Blind Dog Café came to take my order, I was well advised with what foods to try and welcomed a large glass of beautifully colored sake punch.

I started with a crunchy salmon temaki roll. I had a hard time deciding to eat it bottom up like an ice cream cone or top down like an burrito, but either way with my first bite I decided it was easily better then the two comparable foods. I rejoiced in each bite but then also simultaneously mourned the fact that I was one step closer to ending this fabulous creation.

The servers at ramenpalooza must have read the Feastly post on pacing because just as the funeral for my temaki roll ended, the ramen began and I was in good spirits again! For my second course I chose the pork ramen. A person at my table was absolutely obsessed with the broth to the point of literally licking the bowl, and we decided that it was so incredible because the broth was almost buttery. Dissecting all of the elements of the ramen bowl with my table was half of the fun, but also made us feel like we had failed as cooks since recreation in our own home was unlikely.

The meal was finished with a colorful strawberry financier. The delicate treat was topped with a mint sorbet and candied lemons. By this point in the meal the gentle candle flicker was the only light left as the tinkling of silverware was replaced by pleasant conversation. Before guests left for the night they were handed a packed of three cookies to enjoy later in the night. A harmless taste of one turned into me openly gobbling the whole pack and begging my tablemates to share theirs. But if shamelessly gorging on delicious treats is wrong, I don’t want to be right.

All the feasters left with satisfied stomachs, broth splattered jeans and determination to visit Tokiunderground and OhFish. Join us for our next Feastly meal, and until then I hope this food porn holds you over until you can try these two restaurants yourself!

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