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Feastly back in the Washington Post – The Joy of Innovation

Feastly was again featured in The Washington Post. See a section of the piece below. Read the full article here.

The Joy of Innovation
By Danielle Douglas and Jeffrey MacMillan, April 29, 2012

“Feastly, co-founded by Karesh and Danny Harris, is the outgrowth of a pitch the pair made during November’s D.C. Startup Weekend. Karesh came up with the idea after having a hard time finding authentic cuisine while on vacation in Guatemala.

“The concept of using the dinner table as that original social network was something that really appealed to both of us,” Harris said.

Chefs can set the price of the meals and other house rules and choose how many people they want to serve under the model. On average, a feast costs around $30 per person. Karesh and Harris take up to 25 percent of the total proceeds from the dinner.

People can sign up to receive e-mail alerts on upcoming feasts. “We are leveraging technology to create vibrant communities,” Karesh said.

Kauffman Foundation vice president Lesa Mitchell said trusted online platforms, be they social network groups or referral sites such as Yelp, have become a driving force in the food industry. “Reputations can develop or be destroyed overnight because of technology,” she said. “There is greater immediacy in the response to these concepts.”

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