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Five Table Topics to Avoid

An old saying goes, “The things to never discuss over a polite dinner are politics, sex, religion, and the inequities of the college football system.” Although this saying might be slightly out dated, it is typically a good rule to follow when hosting a dinner party.

Oh, no you didn’t! Did someone just bring up politics?!

I can remember a dinner party I hosted with close friends, and the topic of politics came up. Instead of respectfully disagreeing with each other, the room turned into a battleground. We insulted each other’s morality and food may or may not have been thrown. (Who remembers?)

At Feastly, we don’t want you to have the same experience. For this reason, we have  developed a list of topics that you should steer away from at the dinner table. If you choose to avoid this list, we encourage you to hide all of the sharp objects on the table.

1)     Religion

Unless you are having your Bible study group over for dinner, it is probably best to avoid this topic all together. Differences in religious perspectives have led to most of the world’s wars. Enough said.

2)     Politics

No matter how much you scream and beg and consult your favorite talking heads at the dinner table, you likely won’t convince your guests to change their political views. Be sure to avoid this topic, especially if you are easily angered by the opposing view, and find yourself subconsciously judging people who don’t agree with your political stance.

3)     Bodily Functions

Talking about bodily functions should be avoided all together, so that people are actually able to enjoy the meal you have slaved over. Save your bodily function details for your doctor or your partner, who are both legally obliged to listen to you.

4)     Wealth

If you just made a big purchase, such as a house or a car, or if you just got a great promotion at work, by all means mention it. Just remember to do so in a way that does not come across as being too boastful. Talking about the cost of the luxury good you just bought, or how much money you make annually, is inappropriate and makes other diners uncomfortable (unless you regularly have Kanye over). We suggest you try and avoid talking about the Benjamins, unless you are referring to Benjamim Franklin, Benjamin Disraeli, or our 23rd President Benjamin Harrison.

5)     Someone Else

In general, it is inappropriate to talk badly about other people at the table. You risk the chance that someone at the table may know him or her, or people will think you’re a gossip. My parents always used to say, “Great people talk about ideas. Average people talk about things. Small people talk about other people.” I think this is a great dinner party rule to live by.

When in doubt, ask yourself, “What would Eleanor Roosevelt do?”

Overall just use good judgment when making conversation. If you have questionable judgement, pre-screen conversation topics with the person sitting next to you before telling the group about your strong views about “them hippie, tree huggers.” And, if someone decides to still bring up these topics, as host, change the topic quickly.

With Feastly’s help you have mastered the art of conversation starting, and conversations to avoid, so now it’s time you host your slightly censored, but delicious dinner party!

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