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Egyptian Coffee House

On Sunday, Feastly chefs James and Kashmira, of Namaste India fame, returned to Feastly to host Egyptian Coffee House. They converted their home into Little Cairo for 12 Feasters.

Kashmira welcomes the guests

The extensive menu included:

APPETIZERS:Olives, Pickled beet roots and carrots, Hummus, and Homemade pita chips

Fuul Iskandrani (Alexandrian Fuul) – Grilled and mashed fava beans with olive oil, cilantro, fresh tomato and cucumber, hard boiled eggs and homemade tahina (a tangy, earthy sauce made from seasame seed paste, cumin and lemon)

Mesa’a – A classic dish that consists of baked eggplant in a tomato sauce with onions, garlic, olive oil, and peppers.

Baba Ganoug – Also known as “Baba Ganouj” but pronounced with a “g” at the end in the Egyptian dialect. Most people know this traditional Medditerranean dip made from Eggplant. The Egyptian version is much like other regional varieties with a few added twists.

Maashi – This is the name given to any vegetable stuffed with rice. Our meal includes bell peppers, baby eggplants and grape leaves stuffed with rice soaked in a delicious sauce.

Molokheya – No homecooked meal is complete without a bowl of this green soup which is made using a special plant with a physical appearance like spinach and the sticky qualities of okra. It’s a challenge to eat due to the unique consistency, but it is well worth the effort.

Tameyya – Also known as falafel, this popular dish is made by deep frying small balls of mashed fava beans. Topped with salad and tahina.

The delicious vegetarian fare

After dinner, James broke out the hookah, Bedouin tea, Turkish cafe, and an Egyptian sweet called Basbousa.

James shows us how it's done.

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