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Jewish Soul Food

In celebration of Passover, our gifted chef Renee hosted a Jewish Soul Food dinner for 40 hungry Feasters. The meal, hosted at the Blind Dog Café, was the perfect space for our many guests and their big appetites.

Dozens of candles were lit all around the living-room-like cafe, which created an intimate ambiance.

Renee and her sous chefs hurried around the open kitchen as Feasters watched, mingled and sipped cocktails.

As the dishes were finished, Feasters were invited to sit around the communal tables for five-courses of Jewish Soul Food. Starting with beet salad. 

Onto the chopped liver and whitefish salad!

Then Renee’s assortment of homemade pickles.

Salami and fried matzoh balls.

Brisket and kasha varnishkes.

Last, but not least – dessert! Challah bread pudding with Nutella.

And, after all of that delicious, heavy Jewish Soul Food, Feastly would be doing a disservice if we didn’t, at least, offer you any visual exercise. So, to balance all of those online food porn calories, here is a photo of Richard Simmons.


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