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Feastly Goes Back to Libya

On Friday and Saturday, Giulietta, Feastly’s first cook and co-founder Danny Harris’ Mom, returned to D.C. for two nights of Taste of Tripoli. The two sold-out meals welcomed 30 people around the table to experience the rich culture and delicious food of the small Libyan Jewish community.

Our 15 Feasters on Friday, sat for hours eating, drinking, and talking late into the night. From chefs to architects to to political appointees, the table was full of great people and interesting conversation.

On Saturday, we welcomed another 15 Feasters, everyone from a DNA sequencer to a food writer to a defense contractor. We even had three visitors from Houston who didn’t know each other before, but now plan to It’s amazing how food brings such interesting people together.

We are so fortunate to have such wonderful Feasters. This weekend, our guests brought Giulietta flowers, homemade biscotti, and one kind Feaster even left a $100 tip. We are so touched by your generosity.

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