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Last year, Danny, Feastly’s Co-Founder, made two New Year’s resolution. The first was to eat more dinners around big tables with good people. The second, to learn more from his friends. Hence, Dinnvoate was created. The dinnertime salon welcomes people into his home once-a-month to eat together and share and teach with each other.

On Friday, Danny hosted eight Feasters for an evening of Moroccan cooking and nine mini classes. First the food, guests sat down to a table of hummus, pita, olives, spicy pickled vegetables, spiced carrots, chicken tagine, eggplant ratatouille, cous cous, dates, baklava, grapes and mint tea.

Now, onto the lessons! Not only are our Feasters such good eaters, but they have some incredible skills to share, like….

  • How to dance samba
  • An introduction to French table manners
  • How to write haikus
  • The three questions that will help you plan anything
  • How to throw a punch
  • How to effectively bring about organizational change
  • How to taste and pair wines
  • How to tell is someone is lying (or, how to lie better!)
  • How to, as a DJ, address people who make terrible musical requests

Feasters stayed well into the evening talking, teaching, learning, drinking, and moving all the furniture out of the way for some samba!

Another wonderful night!

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