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Mindful Eating

On March 14, Sarah welcomed seven lucky Feasters into her home for a very mindful and intimate eating experience. While we would have loved to have tweeted the meal, cellphones were a no-no at the table! However, we offer you an account on the meal below, as recorded by one of our Feasters.

The menu included: cacao, red lentil soup, beet salad with goat cheese, quinoa and black bean salad, chickpea and green pea stew, brown rice, and fruit salad with lime and mint.

We began with a informal lesson on what mindful eating is. The two take aways for those not present are:
  1. Maintain an undisrupted focus on your food and the eating experience (i.e. no distractions like TV, reading, iphone, etc.)
  2.  Eat slowly
We started the evening with a number of mindful exercices. First,  we each took a single raisin. We stared at the raisin, we felt it between ou finger tips, we quietly listened to it near our ears, and then inhaled its smell. Only after we completely absorbed the raisin with four of our senses, did we finally let our 5th sense, that of taste, experience the raisin. We placed the raisin in our mouths and rolled it around on our tongues to feel its texture. Only after we fully experienced the raisin, were we able to take a bit. And then another.  It is quite an experience to fully explore your food, no matter how small, before consuming it.
We then began a fascinating discussion into our eating habits and routines.  Some Feasters talked about how they love food so much they just want to consume it as fast as possible, while others prefer to eat very, very slowly, wanting to savor every bite. Then we washed that conversation down with a shot of 100% pure cacao from Guatemala.
Our first course then arrived at the table: Red Lentil Soup topped with cilantro, sliced almonds and drizzled with olive oil. While the soup was amazing, the experience was heightened as Sarah instructed us to eat in complete silence.
Seven Feasters sat in silence, as we focused all of our faculties on our soup. Afterwards we talked about the silence, which was quite a bonding moment, and continued to talk and laugh for another three hours as we feasted on delicious salads, vegetarian stews, brown rice and fruit salad and amazing figs for dessert.
Read more about the principles of mindful eating here.

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