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Southern Comfort Brunch

Jessica brought the real south (sorry, DC) to Adams Morgan on Sunday. Originally from South Carolina, Jessica brought some southern cooking, hospitality, and even the occasional y’all to her Southern Comfort Brunch.

Meet the Cook

Jessica grew up a farmer’s daughter in Blenheim, South Carolina, most famously known for it’s super hot Ginger Ale.  She moved to Charleston where she flirted with a career in Cardiology Research before giving into her true passion: the pleasures of the table.  She catered and taught cooking classes in a specialty cooking store before making a move last year to DC.

Guests arrived to a fresh fruit juice bar to accompany the nine bottles of champagne brought by Feasters!

Guests snacked on deviled eggs, topped with Jessica’s Mom’s famous zucchini chow chow, straight from South Carolina.

And, then the Grilled pork sliders on butternut squash biscuits with creamy fig mustard arrived. They lasted about five minutes before getting completely devoured!

Jessica then led a biscuit making class, so Feasters could have fresh biscuits to accompany the shrimp and grits.

Shrimp and grits arrive. Notice that the biscuits were cut into the outline of DC!

Feasters enjoying the meal.

Dessert arrives – cornbread pudding with peach coulis and bourbon whipped cream.

The aftermath!

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  1. Granny says

    You make “Granny” proud. Next visit SOUTH share your experience with me.Love,Granny.

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