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Danny Harris Talks Feastly

Feastlty was again featured on In the Capital. Carl Pierre sat down with Feastly Co-founder Danny Harris.

“Danny Harris works out of Affinity Lab, one of the coolest workspaces you can launch your business from in the D.C. area. We were able to sit down with Danny and get have a quick discussion about his new startup venture, Feastly. For those unfamiliar with this up and coming company, they offer the chance for those who are tired of constantly eating out to enjoy the comforts of a home cooked meal. Feastly connects cooks who are willing to share their amazing talents and open up their home with food enthusiasts who are weary of the typical dining out fare typical of D.C. young professionals. These impromptu family dinners are an amazing way for fellow food lovers to connect over an amazing meal, also acting as a way for chefs to show off their culinary skills in the comfort of their own home.

Without further ado, here is Danny speaking candidly on the magic of Feastly.”

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