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Lamia’s Algerian Feast

Lamia welcomed 11 Feasters to an Adams Morgan home on Sunday for Feastly’s first brunch! Lamia, born in Algeria, shared the incredible flavors and stories from her homeland. Feasters were treated to both incredible (and an incredible amount amount of) food, and an overview on the culture and cuisine of North Africa.

Guests sat down to plates of carrot salad, grilled pepper salad, grilled eppplant salad and bread.

After stuffing ourselves on delicious appetizers, the main course arrived–Algerian couscous. Lamia made two kinds: chicken and chicken and lamb.

Just as we could eat no more, dessert arrived! Lamia made four kinds of Algerian sweets.

Let’s spend a little more time on desserts, why don’t we.

Almond cookies with powdered sugar.

Marzipan, straight from France, and dates

Another great meal! Now, we move onto the next one: an Argentine-Italian Family Meal on March 3rd.

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