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Cream and Spice

On Sunday, February 19th, Cooks Jason and Sandy welcomed 11 Feasters into their Columbia Heights home for Cream and Spice.

Meet the Cooks!

Sandy and Jason started out in the Midwest eating lots of casseroles. Casseroles are delicious, but they soon discovered the wonders of cooking that didn’t require a “cream-of” soup. Since then, Sandy spends all her time reading Lucky Peach and daydreaming of making her own charcuterie and Jason spends his time nurturing sourdough starter and obsessing over baking tiles. They love tasty things.

Onto the Food!

Jason kept the table full of his homemade bread.

Sandy spoons out some sweet and sour onions and sesame sauteed broccolini.

Sandy delivers kabobs straight from the oven.

Onto Dessert: Warm, crispy sugar cookies with pistachio custard.

Great meal. Great cooks. Great Group.

Onto the next one! On February 24th, Kya welcomes eight Feasters to Samgyupsal & Kimchi Jun, a celebration of Korean food at her Ballston home.

Feast On!

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