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Our First Meal – A Delicious Libyan Feast

We are excited to report that Feastly hosted our first meal on January 12! In true Feastly form, our Co-Founder Danny Harris’ Mom, Giulia Boukhobza, native of Tripoli traveled down from New York to prepare a Libyan feast for 25 people in a home in Adams Morgan.

Meet the Cook:

My family goes back in Libya to 1492. I grew up as one of eight children, and our home, and especially our dinner table, in Tripoli was always the center of life in our community. My parents taught me the importance of passing on history and culture through the traditional food of the Libyan Jews. After 32 years in the States, I love to use the foods of Libya to share the wonderful flavors and traditions of my homeland and people. I believe that big, generous meals are the best way to bring people together.

The menu included:


Burick: Hand-rolled dough pockets filled with potato, egg, and parsley.

Main Course

Mafrum and Couscous: Ground meat stuffed in potato, artichoke and zucchini, lightly fried and then simmered for hours in a spicy, tomato-based stock and served with cous cous

Lubia b'Sulk - Stewed spinach, beans and beef

Carrot Salad: Boiled carrots, marinated in spices, lemon juice, garlic, and olive oil


Mint Tea

More than simply a delicious dinner, the meal brought together a group of interesting people who sat for hours, long after dessert and mint tea, to discover shared connections, learn about the history of Libyan food, and tell stories about their favorite meals at home.

The best part is that there are so many more great meals to come, including by Danny’s Mom who wants to now come down to host a regular Libyan meal in DC.

Until then, our cook heads back to NY, by Vespa, of course.

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